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I Live in Telford, Shropshire. U.K.(IO82SQ), 52 deg N, 2 deg W.

My interest is Band 2 FM DX'ing via Sporadic E, Tropo and Meteor Scatter propagation


Click here for scans from an original copy of the St. Geroge's Directory dated 1891



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Israel received on 87.60MHz via Sporadic E in 2017


IBA 88 FM Kol on a frequency of 87.60 MHz from Jerusalem.

2 June 2017, 0710utc

4 June 2017, 1112utc and 1121 utc

PI code was: 42E5 with a partial PS of: ????8~??

AF's logged: 88.00Mhz and 88.20MHz

  2 June 2017 Recording   4 June 2017 1st Recording with talking 4 June 2017 2nd Recording with music  






Band 1 DXTV 1998 to 2005


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